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Supporting Animal Shelters through Journimals

Journimals was born out of a passion for helping animal shelters and rescue organizations. Our mission is to provide support through innovative products that celebrate the bond between pets and their owners.

Our Mission and Passion

For the Love of Animals

Growing up I always had pets, specifically dogs. They have been my companions my whole life and have taught me many lessons. They have been the non-judgemental compassionate listener to comfort a sad heart by the plop of a gentle chin on my lap. They have also been the eager cheerleader ready to accompany me for the celebratory ice cream after winning a ball game or getting a promotion. They have been the loving eyes and slobbery kisses mirroring back to me unconditional acceptance. They have been the gentle souls, guardians and healers who have accompanied me through life and have supported me just by being the love that they are.

Journimals came about by the desire to find a way to support Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations. Those who support Shelters are animal lovers and likely have a pet or two of their own. My hope is that Journimals will serve many animals while providing pet owners with wonderful tools to document their journey with their pets and memorialize the gifts they have received by sharing their lives with these loving souls.